The group plays a broad repertoire of medieval music, including drinking and love songs, spiritual harmonies and court dances.
Řemdih performs lively instrumentals, solemn harmonies and a capella songs at medieval fairs, historical celebrations, in medieval inns and even in intimate church environments.

The group also has several full programmes for special occasions:

Czech Medieval Christmas - A programme of Czech Christmas songs. The group's performances attempt to present the full range of Czech Christmas music: monophonic and polyphonic folk songs, spiritual songs and mendicant student carols, and songs in Old Czech, Latin and German. The Christmas programme is of an intimate nature, with an overall spirit embodying the holiday atmosphere of Advent and Christmas itself.

Czech Medieval Easter - The first part of the Easter repertoire is a musical-theatrical rendition of a Czech passion play from the fourteenth century. The second part of the programme features medieval Easter songs.

French Branles - a performance in which the group accompanies the renowned Lithuanian Festa Cortese dance group. The playful choreography demonstrates the entertainment of French peasants in the sixteenth century. 

Medieval Life and Entertainment - This nearly one-hour performance was created in cooperation with jugglers from the group Vagabundus collective. The lively and amusing show, which familiarises viewers with life in the past, is intended primarily for elementary schools. Curious children will see a programme with a little history, a bit of music, some juggling and a lot of laughs!

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